A downloadable game for Windows

Criminal Carnage is an action game full of excitement. It is a top-down shooter game where you are a Rambo-like avatar and your mission is to clear the Island from the criminals.  The surround sounds, catchy dialogues and challenging boss fight is what this game will offer you.

The story-line has a second part which will be released upon getting user feedback.


  • The direction keys or A+S+D+W for moving.
  • Left Button of mouse for shooting.

Install instructions

Click on Download to get the zip file. Extract it and Volla!!!!! enjoy.
Your Anti virus may check the game sometimes but I promise nothing malicious is added.


Criminal Carnage.rar 35 MB


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Exciting game, in such a short time. Love the challenge. Best part is the story/idea. 

Thanks Sakibkk

thnx a lot